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WASP - Cloud-Based Home and Business Phone SystemsEvery business and home owner needs to give serious thought as to moving away from traditional land based line communications. Where traditional and expensive types of copper infrastructure has been used for a very long time, it is now becoming inadequate as we move into the era of cloud services. As a result, it is time to weigh up the pros and cons of moving into the new internet based Digital Voice Services offered by WASP.

When it comes to newer forms of technology, however, a lot of people may be unsure with regards to the benefits that Digital Voice Services and cloud telephone systems can bring. A Digital Voice Service System that WASP delivers is based in the cloud and can provide you with a lot of advantages. Those who want their business to run more efficiently will need to make sure that they have a close look at the different services and features that cloud phone systems can bring.

Saving Money

One of the first and most important aspects of having a cloud-based phone system is that you will save money. Basically you rent the phone system in the cloud, this way no capital investment is required in a PABX and all the features you require are programmed into the Digital Voice Service. This network is based on a completely different system which is located in Auckland. As a result, either WASP or you yourself can look after it and make changes when necessary. You will not have to pay for things like maintenance, line charges, PABX servicing or anything else when it comes to your system, so you can save a lot on loaded charges.  Please view our Calling Rate Card.

Low Maintenance

Once you decide to get WASP’s Digital Voice Service you will find that there are a lot of other features that also use this system. A lot of these systems are run and maintained by WASP. This means that there is very little need for you to maintain things on your end.


The scalability of your Digital Voice Service directly ties in with saving money. If you want to be frugal then you will find that your Digital Voice Service telephone system can actually be changed depending on your needs. As an example your old analogue phones can be used in most situations. Scalability is by far one of the biggest advantage of using cloud phone systems as it is virtually done on the fly.


All of your customers will be able to reach you no matter where you are. With a cloud system, all you need is a solid WASP Internet connection in order to get into your phone system. You can use your login details in order to access your account and setup remote messaging services from anywhere in the world instantly.


With around 300 features on WASP’s Digital Voice Service you do not have to stick with limited choices as was the norm on Copper. WASP will make sure that you have a close look at all of our options and expenses before you decide on what the best system for you and your business will be.

Ngawi Fishing Village

WASP NZ Limited - Ngawi Fishing Village

WASP is now reaching out all over New Zealand with high speed broadband and Digital Voice Services.
Here we are at the road to nowhere Ngawi fishing village at the bottom of the North Island. It is  one of our most remote locations in the country. It is a spectacular and histrionically rugged part of the country. It is a must see destination and one that WASP is working hard to support.

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