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A Domain name is your own unique Internet and email address that allows you to provide a personalised point of contact to others. The main uses of a domain name are with web hosting to display a website, and to secure professional-looking email  Another widely used aspect is the protection of intellectual property such as company and product names.

To have email or website services with WASP NZ you must first purchase a domain name. We provide a full range of domain name services from acting as your billing agent in registering your chosen domain name, to providing Primary & Secondary DNS hosting only, to a complete package including a website and email hosting.

And if your Domain Name is currently hosted elsewhere WASP NZ provides for free transfer to our servers. WASP NZ can register domains for you from the popular .co.nz domain, or any of the range of alternative .nz domains e.g. net.nz, org.nz, or school.nz. As well we have access to over 200 different domain name extensions worldwide, including the popular American .com extension.

Global Domain Names
If you have a presence in a country, or plan to, having a country specific website or email address provides many benefits such enhanced search engine rankings in the localised versions of the major search engines e.g. yahoo.co.nz Another major benefit is securing the intellectual property of your products, brands, trademarks and trade names.

Who can register Country Domain Names?
The policies for who can register different country's Domain Names vary dramatically between countries. Some spaces are relatively open for anyone to register while others have very strict policies around who can register. For example .nz registrants need to be identifiable individuals over 18 years of age or properly constituted organisations. Registrants do not need to be based in New Zealand nor does their domain name need to be hosted in New Zealand. Because of the variety of registration policies the best option is to contact us , and let us know what countries you either operate in or plan to. WASP NZ can discuss your needs and give you a no obligation, free quote on establishing your presence in those markets.

How much is it going to cost?
As the cost for the different country domain names varies, please contact our team to discuss your needs and for a no obligation for a free quote

Ngawi Fishing Village

WASP NZ Limited - Ngawi Fishing Village

WASP is now reaching out all over New Zealand with high speed broadband and Digital Voice Services.
Here we are at the road to nowhere Ngawi fishing village at the bottom of the North Island. It is  one of our most remote locations in the country. It is a spectacular and histrionically rugged part of the country. It is a must see destination and one that WASP is working hard to support.

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