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WASP Airfibre Plans

Prices include GST.

Code Data Cap MAX / Burst Price
AFB15200 - Airfibre Business 200Gb 15mbp/s $98.90
AFB15500 - Airfibre Business 500Gb 15mbp/s $125.35
AFB151000 - Airfibre Business 1000Gb 15mbp/s $171.35
AFB15UL - Airfibre Business Unlimited 15mbp/s $195.50
AFB10200 - Airfibre Business 200Gb 10mbp/s $79.35
AFB10500 - Airfibre Business 500Gb 10mbp/s $102.35
AFB101000 - Airfibre Business 1000Gb 10mbp/s $155.25
AFB10UL - Airfibre Business Unlimited 10mbp/s $172.50
AFD15200 - Airfibre Domestic 200Gb 15mbp/s $86.00
AFD15500 - Airfibre Domestic 500Gb 15mbp/s $109.00
AFD151000 - Airfibre Domestic 1000Gb 15mbp/s $149.00
AFD15UL - Airfibre Domestic Unlimited 15mbp/s $170.00
AFD10200 - Airfibre Domestic 200Gb 10mbp/s $69.00
AFD10500 - Airfibre Domestic 500Gb 10mbp/s $89.00
AFD101000 - Airfibre Domestic 1000Gb 10mbp/s $135.00
AFD10UL - Airfibre Domestic Unlimited 10mbp/s $150.00
WASP Digital Voice      
ATA Phone Port - Supplied By WASP $34.50 include free local calling.
Rate card supplied for all other calling.
Connection Fee Free
Number Porting $5.00 per number

All Price Quoted are GST inclusive


Our Airfibre contracts and Direct Debit Authority Form are also available to download.

Weighing the Benefits and Challenges of Wireless

Wireless goes where cable and fibre cannot: The inherent nature of wireless is that it doesn't require wires or lines to accommodate the data/voice/video pipeline. As such, the system will carry information across geographical areas that are prohibitive in terms of distance, cost, access, or time.
For many applications, wires and cables are not a practical option, with no wires or cables to route, a wireless network is inherently more flexible than a traditional network. You are not locked into a fixed network topology or system setup, leaving open the possibility for additions, upgrades, extensions, and so on. This convenience means there is less overhead associated with setting up and less overheads means more opportunity to grow the network.

WASP has over 26 years in the wireless industry and has been involved at every level of design and implementation from local to NZ wide wireless network installations. We have a complete team of engineers at your disposal. Email don@waspnet.co.nz

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