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Monthly Internet and phone line with full features and free local calling

Prices include GST

Code Data Cap Max Speed * Phone Price
ADSL40 40Gigs Yes Yes $79.95
ADSL150 150Gigs Yes Yes $99.95
ADSLUNLTD Unlimited Yes Yes $130.00

* Customised ADSL plans are available on request


Monthly Internet Only

Code Data Cap Max Speed * Phone Price
ADSL150 150Gigs Yes No $69.95
ADSLUNLTD Unlimited Yes No $110.00
ADSLNaked Unlimited Yes No $115.00
VDSLNaked Unlimited Yes No $135.00

* A phone line can be added to the unlimited ADSL/VDSL Packages for $34.50
    (includes unlimited local calling)


  • All packages have MAX upload and download speeds that the ADSL can be delivered over the copper connection
  • Selected phone packages have free local calling bundles with them
  • ADSL is our standard broadband service for residential customers. It connects your home to our network using the existing  copper connection to your house


Additional Data Charges

Excess data charges  are $1.00 per Gb apply to all packages.

Note! that customers on an Unlimited Data plan don't need to worry about reaching their monthly data cap.

Set Up Charges

Setup charges differ depending on the contract option you choose. There are 2 options:

  1. Standard connection is a 12 month contract.
  2. Take an Open Term contract and pay a $99 connection fee (you can either bring your own modem, or buy one from us for $169)

Minimum Contract Period

You have 3 contract options:

  1. 12 month contract
  2. 24 Month contract
  3. Open term (you can cancel the service at any time)

Early Termination Fee

If you're on a 12 month contract, you'll need to pay a fee of $199 if you cancel the contract early.
If you are on a 24 month contract you pay the total remaining on the contract. *(special conditions apply)
There's no cancellation fee if you take the open term contract.

Notice Period

If you want to cancel your broadband service, you'll need to give us 30 days’ notice.

Other Requirements

To get our ADSL and VDSL services you will need to receive your monthly bill online.

Traffic Management

We do not impose any form of bandwidth management or speed restrictions on our ADSL or VDSL broadband plans. This means that you will receive the best speed we can provide at any point in time. If we make any changes to this policy we will inform you, and explain if there will be any impact on the services to you.

Fair Use

We hope you will abide by our fair use policy on our ADSL and VDSL Broadband plans. We do not activity police this, however we have automatic monitoring alerts and it is there for all to respect.

Effects On Other Services

ADSL and VDSL Broadband:
IP Phone services are internet reliant and you will need to check your monitored alarm, SKY TV services. Fax machines require a separate dedicated line when run through the internet. We always recommend checking with the provider of any existing services to make sure they will operate with this service. Also be aware that in the event of a power outage, your phone line will not work as your broadband will be offline.

Naked ADSL and VDSL Broadband means you will lose your landline for the phone. If you have a monitored alarm, medical alarm, fax, or order pay per view movies, these services will no longer work without a landline. If you need those services, Naked broadband is not for you.

Other Charges

Our ADSL packages also come with a landline. Your local calls are free. We do charge for national, international and mobile calls.

Naked ADSL doesn't have a landline there are no additional calling charges.

Under certain circumstances you might need to pay a $199 broadband wiring fee. This usually applies if your connection is brand new, your line has been disconnected for some time or you are using more than 5 jack points in your house.  It also can apply if you have a monitored alarm. There are ways to get around these issues such as Digital Voice and IP alarm monitoring which most Alarm service now provide across the internet. Wasp has a lot of experience in these matters and would be happy to help.

Weighing the Benefits and Challenges of Wireless

Wireless goes where cable and fibre cannot: The inherent nature of wireless is that it doesn't require wires or lines to accommodate the data/voice/video pipeline. As such, the system will carry information across geographical areas that are prohibitive in terms of distance, cost, access, or time.
For many applications, wires and cables are not a practical option, with no wires or cables to route, a wireless network is inherently more flexible than a traditional network. You are not locked into a fixed network topology or system setup, leaving open the possibility for additions, upgrades, extensions, and so on. This convenience means there is less overhead associated with setting up and less overheads means more opportunity to grow the network.

WASP has over 26 years in the wireless industry and has been involved at every level of design and implementation from local to NZ wide wireless network installations. We have a complete team of engineers at your disposal. Email don@waspnet.co.nz

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